Developing concepts for an ongoing personal project.
Jack “Wrecker” Donovan a ruthless ex military biker who’s daughter is kidnapped in a gang feud.

“Embark on a relentless journey through the dark depths of FUBAR, where vengeance intertwines with a burning desire for justice. As Jack “Wrecker” Donovan, an unstoppable force, you’ll stop at nothing to rescue your daughter from the clutches of ruthless gangs.
Survival demands unleashing Wrecker’s untamed fury upon the twisted underbelly of society. Dive headfirst into a world teeming with treacherous threats at every turn, where your determination to exterminate these vermin is the key to your survival.
Carve your path to redemption with bone-shattering force, pulverizing those foolish enough to stand in Wrecker’s way. Rain thunderous blows upon your enemies, your studded knuckle leather clad fists leaving trails of devastation. Each strike echoes with a primal roar, obliterating resistance and painting a symphony of broken bodies and shattered dreams.
Venture into the heart of darkness, navigating through smoky dive bars drenched in despair and the scent of spilled liquor. Traverse throbbing nightclubs where neon lights flicker and shadows dance with sinister allure. Unleash your wrath in desolate, dusty trailer parks, where forgotten lives linger, proving that Wrecker remains unbreakable against those who dared to defy him.”

FUBAR – Jack “Wrecker” Donovan

FUBAR – Outfit breakdown

FUBAR – Biker jacket variations

FUBAR – Jack “Wrecker” Donovan, hair and beard exploration

FUBAR – Main base, Dive bar exploration (initial rough draft)